Salmon Fillet with Shredded Vegetables en Papillote Recipe
June 6, 2015
You Can’t Trade Your Body In – Tips for Fixing It Up For Summer!
June 12, 2015
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Before we even get to the tips, did you know that the path you follow in the grocery store could help you eat right and avoid weight gain?Tips for Healthy Eating - Eating for Vitality Diet

When shopping, the healthiest foods are always around the perimeter of the store (fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, poultry, eggs and meat). These are the freshest, they are minimally processed, and are the wholesome foods our bodies need for energy and strong health. The aisles in the center contain pre-packaged foods, where stores try to get consumers to buy highly profitable junk foods.

So, go on the offensive and shop healthier – plan your next visit to the market with this new map in mind.

4 tips for eating a healthier diet

Additionally, here are 4 tips on how you can eat healthier:

  1. Take a food tour at your local market. Work to understand in detail how the grocery store layout can influence your food selections and plan around it. Take some time to identify the healthy gluten-free food options by reading labels.
  2. Buy organic as often as you can. By definition, food that is certified organic must be free from all genetically modified (GM) organisms (or non-GMO).
  3. Avoid processed, packaged foods and basically everything with an advertising budget.  Gluten-free grab-on-the-go snacks are usually chock full of “other” stuff. Instead, purchase fresh, organic foods and make quick and delicious meals and snacks yourself. Pinterest is a good source of healthy snack ideas for both kids and adults.
  4. Put together a shopping list before you enter the market, to make sure you have the ingredients on-hand to make healthy recipes. Check out one of the healthy and delicious gluten-free meals I made at my house last week: Salmon Fillet with Shredded Vegetables en Papillote – or get recipe ideas for the week ahead.

Eating a healthy diet is do-able. I’ve developed an easy-to-follow program that helps you eat better so you can feel better and look better – in just two weeks!

This summer is a great time to make some changes.