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Dairy is a Poor Choice for Calcium – Boo for Moo

BooMoo (1)Our whole life we’ve all been told how healthy dairy is for us because it builds strong bones. I’m sure you thought that dairy was the best way to get your calcium, right? Well, here’s the real scoop on dairy.

Dairy is a Poor Choice for Calcium

Animals have strong bones and they don’t consume milk all their lives. You need sufficient magnesium for your body to absorb and USE the calcium. The calcium in cow’s milk doesn’t have sufficient magnesium content, so your body can NOT absorb it.

In fact, studies show countries that consume the highest amount of dairy products have the highest amount of osteoporosis!

Dairy, as with grains, is one of the most common foods in the modern diet, and yet it wasn’t a regular part of the human diet until the recent (10,000 years ago) advent of farming. Compared to the millions of years of human evolution, this is a minuscule amount of time and is not nearly long enough for us to have adapted to such dairy consumption. As staggering as this may sound, an estimated 70% of the population worldwide is allergic to dairy products!

The Better Choice for Calcium

The better choice is to get both calcium and magnesium at the same time, in the right balance, from plants. Good non-dairy sources of calcium include green leafy vegetables (kale, collards, and turnip greens), broccoli, root vegetables, figs, raw nuts (especially almonds) and seeds, sardines, wild salmon and non-GMO soy beans.

To learn more about how you can adapt your diet to feel better and get the nutrients your body needs in a healthier way, watch my video on the Eating for Vitality Diet and download my free book preview.