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Egg Drop Soup

This is a high protein, very easy and quick delicious healthy soup to make anytime!

Servings: 4 cups


32 oz. Gluten-free organic free range chicken broth
1/2- 1 teaspoon peeled and grated fresh ginger (to taste)
3 Organic free range eggs, beaten
3 scallions (green onions) chopped
2 Tablespoon Kuzu (kudzu) root or Arrowroot dissolved in just a little cold water
Note: You can use cornstarch, but use the Organic or Non-GMO one.
Sea salt to taste
Cayenne pepper or Sriracha sauce to taste (spicy)

Note: For children’s taste buds, you can omit the ginger, pepper, and use fewer scallions.


1. In a pot, bring chicken broth and grated ginger to a low boil

Note: you can also squeeze only the juice out of the grated ginger and add it at the end instead.

2. Slowly stir in dissolved kuzu till it thickens the broth and is translucent

3. Slowly pour in beaten eggs while stirring the soup in the same direction. The egg will spread and feather.

4. Turn off the heat

5. Add chopped scallion

6. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste

Serve immediately



Nutritional Benefits:

Eggs – one of the most nutritious food items in our diet. It is rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins, all of which are easily absorbed by the body. Contains high quality protein and yolks are a great source of vitamins A, D, E, K and B vitamins; B6, B12 and folate for a healthy heart!

The Lecithin, also known as phosphatidylcholine, in the yolk inhibits its cholesterol absorption,

protects your liver from damage and improves your memory!.

Egg yolks have been shown to actually lower cholesterol and homocysteine levels associated with cardiovascular disease!

Ginger – lowers cholesterol, treats nausea and calms an upset stomach.

Kudzu – used for digestive disorders, headaches, migraines, hangovers and the immune system.