Nutritional supplements help people achieve balance in their overall health.

Studies show that the majority of people are deficient in many essential nutrients and would benefit greatly from taking:
  • Probiotics, Digestive enzymes,Vitamin D3, Omega-3 EPA/DHA (fish oils), Multi-vitamin/mineral formula, B-complex, Magnesium, Fiber and a high quality protein powder to ensure adequate protein intake and reduce appetite and cravings. (Add to smoothies/shakes and other drinks or food).
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Caution: Please speak with your health practitioner about potential interactions of pharmaceuticals and natural supplements before starting a supplement program. This will ensure that all supplements and medications are taken safely and appropriately for your specific health and wellness needs.

Eating for Vitality Diet™
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The Eating for Vitality Diet™ book will guide you step-by-step toward proper diet and lifestyle choices that are the foundation for creating health and vitality in your life. It will help you have more energy, mental clarity, achieve and sustain your ideal body weight, and have more zest for life. Whether you need to change your diet due to a medical condition or just want to improve your quality of life, the Eating for Vitality Diet™ program will help you lower inflammation, reduce your risk for many serious illnesses, and help you achieve your health and vitality goals. This book includes:

Health Assessment Questionnaires
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Discovery Diet™
The Right Balance
Favorable Food List
Visually Balanced Meal Guide
Recipes and Menus
Daily Meal Planner
Shopping Lists
Master Food List
Did You Know?
Testing Information
Daily Symptoms and Diet Journal
Nutrition Rx and more!!!

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